About Southern Directory

Southern Directory Publishing is proud to be a Georgia independent telephone directory publisher, beginning in 1988. With our high standard of excellence we produce 17 telephone directories in Georgia & Alabama.

The mission at SDP continues to be maintaining a strong presence in all the communities we serve by providing consistently high quality telephone books with more than just telephone numbers. Information regarding the complete area is included so that each book truly represents the area it is serving.

Other unique features are: covers, alphabetical white pages (in large print), including much needed zip codes, complete government including city, county, state and national. Local maps, parks, and schools including abundant information along with seating charts and contact be more prepared for emergency situations, so we also have two complete pages of directives for the unexpected included in our books.

We have a team that personally deliver over 800,000 directories door to door.

Currently, SDP continues to grow into an innovative source of information for businesses and communities. Our excellent independent usage studies prove our point that "We are the books of choice." Our dedicated employees and management team produce each directory from start to finish.

Why Southern Directory Publishing

There was a time when advertising your business was a lot simpler than it is today. We had three channels on our television, one local newspaper, US Postal Service sent our direct mail, there were a few billboards on major highways and roads and we received a phone directory from America's monopoly; the phone company. We remember a time in which advertising opportunities were a far cry from the world of e-mail, satellite radio, and hundreds of channels on our Televisions. As we remember simplicity, we also remember limitation. Think of your community: If there was only one plumber in town, this plumber wouldn't need to worry about customer service, quality work, prompt service, affordable rates or anything else that differentiates successful businesses from unsuccessful ones. Reality is, you started your business with the same statement we started ours, "We can do it better than they are." So what makes us better?

Why Consumers prefer Southern Directory

Local Feel

The front covers of our directories are "tailored" to represent the area served. We use local photographers to capture Georgia & Alabama's beautiful landscapes and structures. When you receive a telephone directory, and your reaction is "This is in Georgia & Alabama," then you know it's a Southern Directory Publication.


Most phone company monopolies print directories based on where they provide telephone service. Southern Directory Publishing believes that phone directory coverage should be based solely on the buying habits of the community. We often cover multiple directories to provide local residents all the information they identify with.

White Pages

It is Southern Directory's policy to provide the largest and easiest to read White Pages in Georgia & Alabama. As phone company monopolies continue to make their white pages smaller and smaller to save printing costs, we continue to make ours larger. Studies show that on average a consumer will reference the white pages four times for every yellow page reference. If we make it easy for consumers to find their friends and family, we are confident that they will use our yellow pages to find businesses.


It is our belief that smaller more compact directories are more convenient and easier to use than the larger ones. We provide telephone directories that can fit easily underneath the phone, on shelves or in glove compartments.

Cross Reference

Each of our directories has a reverse telephone directory section in which the consumer can reference a phone number and see who that number belongs to. Many find this in conjunction with Caller ID a very useful tool. To date, we are the only publisher who provides this service in North Georgia.

Why do businesses prefer Southern Directory Publishing?

Advertising Rates

Our rate structure is typically 50 to 80% less than the monopoly phone company. This, combined with our high usage, insures the highest return on investment and allows our customers to advertise their products or services more efficiently and effectively.

Customer Service

We are a local business dedicated to local businesses. It is our belief that to truly help a business one must see a business, know the market area and define that company's potential customer base. Most phone company monopolies telemarket the majority of their potential customers from another city and state, which makes it difficult to create an effective advertising program. Furthermore, we have a local office with a local staff in which you can talk to the actual people that are involved with your account at every stage.


For all the reasons above people use our directory every day for information about businesses that provide the products and services needed.

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